5 evergreen blog posts you should have on your website


There's always a blog post that someone saves in their bookmarks. Posts like "The How To Guide to Meal Prepping", "The Ultimate Learning Guide to SEO", or "The Super Mega Resource Guide for Social Media". These blogs are what I call evergreen content. They get revised from time to time but the content is still valuable today as it was 3 years ago. Theoretically at least, it's ever lasting and people want to make sure to save it to refer back to from time to time. 

How do you write an evergreen blog post? 

I heard this term back in the day when when I started writing and blogging. I understood the concept but I didn't quite grasp what that "evergreen" actually meant. I started writing what I thought were evergreen blog post but they ended up just becoming inspirational pieces. You don't see them anymore because they failed to bring in any traffic. Fast forward many many years after reading many many evergreen blogs and comparing what each of them had in common:

  1. They all told a story

  2. They all taught a step-by-step process

  3. They all had a personal touch to them.

From that research, I started to get a list of blog posts that I could write and turn it into a piece of evergreen content to float somewhere in someone's bookmarks. 

Here are 5 blog posts you can write today, continue to direct traffic to it, and gain a loyal tribe of blog readers. 

The Welcome Post
This should be a little more in-depth about you, who this blog is for, why you are doing what you’re doing, and what they can expect out of reading your blog. When you make it clear what they can expect - for example how to start a blog and monetize it - they’ll be more likely to stay and read on. This post helps to declutter your actual About page and lets readers dive deep into who you are, learn more about your business, and start to create that loyal tribe of followers. You can also direct people here when they want to learn more about you. 


Your Why Post
This helps you connect with your audience. It also helps attract and repel. Attract more of those who will grow to love, know and trust you and repel those you don’t quite jive with. It’s okay to repel those who do not align with your mission. In fact, this is the best way to weed out those who are not going to be your tribe. In this blog they can really get a sense of who you are, how you go about your business and really get to know you. 

Q&A Post
Answer any questions you’ve gotten to this point from friends and family or those already following you. This blog is a great place to send someone that may have answers about your products/service and easy to refer to when asked these same questions over and over. It's also a great way to answer any lingering questions someone may have about your service or product. Don't be afraid to tackle fears or doubts because in this blog, you're going to put those fears or doubts to rest with your answers. 


Your Product Knowledge/Services Post
This will give you a chance to go in-depth on what you offer or sell. Think of this as a tutorial or behind-the-scenes at how you run your ship, how you make your product or what someone can expect if they hire you for your services. You can lead into this with a story of a current or past customer that had a great experience with you. This could answer the question they have in their head, "Why should I hire you?" 

How your Product is Made Post (or the materials you use and why - OR - How your process works)
If you are a service based business, answer the question of "What is your process with clients when you are working with them?" People crave to know where exactly something was made, where the pieces came from, and what the story is behind making your product. If you're a service based business, you can explain your process from when they hire you to when you complete the service you have been tasked with. 

Behind-the-Scenes Post
Behind-the-scenes of your office, lab, workstation, tools you use, etc. This could also be another guide for your services/products. 

You can do a combination of these blog post or pick and choose the ones that you think your audience would love to read and what would make them add it to their bookmarks in their browser. 

If there's a blog that is not on this list that you know I need to write today, leave them in the comments below.