How to Define your Blog Niche


In order for you to stand out on the blogging world, become an influencer or to share your knowledge to the world, you have to be able to clearly define who you are and what type of blog you are putting out onto the world wide web. 

You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don't do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it.
- Gary Vaynerchuk

I’d like to say Gary is my friend, even though I have never met him in real life - but when I do I know he'll be authentic and listen to my story, but listening to his podcast and watching his YoutTube videos, makes me think he's speaking right to me. Literally, as if I were in the same room, or car, part of conversations directed at me.

Let's for one moment imagine your blog as a pizza. If you put in all the toppings that any pizza joint has to offer, the pizza will begin to lose its core nature as a pizza. It will start to resemble something like a casserole. But if you pick one or maybe 2 toppings, your pizza will look like it's true nature. No one will be confused on whether it's a pizza or not and you won't get overwhelmed by all the flavors. You'll enjoy your pizza and savor the flavor because you can distinctly tastes each topping. 

You're not pizza. You can't make everyone love you. - Unknown

Everyone who blogs is different, but being able to define which type of blog niche you are building, helps you understand what type content to create. The hardest part about blogging for your business that I hear often is "I don't know what to write about." Here's how the rest of that conversation goes;

What do you do?
I am a hairstylist.
Okay, how many different ways can you do someone's hair?
Are you kidding me? it's endless.
There is your blog posts right there!?
(Cue light bulb switching on.)

What do you do?
I am a real estate agent.
Okay, What's the #1 thing people look for when searching for a house, other than the house itself?
Oh, they look at schools if they have kids or what's is nearby a neighborhood
Okay. Well would you be able to do a blog on what the neighborhood offers or what stores, restaurants, schools and parks nearby?
oh, I never thought of that. 
(and bam, that's why you're talking to me.) 

I've broken down blogging niches into 4 distinctive types for businesses and influencers. While there are many types of accounts out there and all of them are unique, these give you a guideline of where to start. 


This account is for those who are experts in their craft and have loads of information they wish to share with the world. They value truth and provide it with a sense of knowledge. They want to educate as many people as much as possible. They want to know they help people.

Here are some great examples that I love for an Informative blog:
Rising Tide Society


This account is for the respective fashion bloggers, mom bloggers and “on-fleck” starters (remember that girl that was talking about how her eyebrows were "on-fleck"?) They are the ones paving the way for new trends and work hard to make it a “thing”. They put their personalities, causes, and opinions front and center. They won't let anyone tell them what they are doing is wrong because they know that there's no one way to do anything... and they don't give a shit - in a good way. 

Here are some great examples that I love for a Trendsetter blog:
Laura Tully
Color & Chic


This account is for those who have expert knowledge of a certain subject. For instance, physical trainers, doctors, vegan chefs, donut makers, essential oil experts, Instagram experts, Squarespace experts. They give give give all their knowledge away without asking for anything back. They will sell you something from time to time, but it’s not too often and when they do, their followers buy in usually immediately because of all they bring to the table. 

Here are some great examples that I love for a Guru blog:
Creative Gangsters 
Go Live HQ 
Natalie Uhling

Wonder Woman

This account is for mom bloggers, travel bloggers and those who like to explore - and/or do it all. This doesn’t necessarily mean explore as in travel. They are passionate about a topic, niche or subject and devote all their time to exploring that passion in great detail. They take you on a journey with them. They are not afraid to share their vulnerabilities, doubts, fears, and ambitions. They value truth, openness, and curiosity.

Here are some great examples that I love for a Trendsetter blog:
Much Most Darling
Ditching Normal

Now figure out which one of the four types you are or want to be. Are you perhaps a food blogger? Do you specialize in gluten-free recipes or who has the healthiest menu in town? If you're personal trainer do you specialize in a very specific exercise routine? Could you blog about how that routine is different for different body types? Maybe you're a real estate agent who is trying to get out of state clients. You could try blogging about each neighborhood you have a listing in, what's nearby as far as schools, restaurants and shops like the above conversation I had with a friend. 

Try not to add pizza toppings to your blog that don't quite belong because you want to talk about. For instance, if you're a fashion blogger and you found the best recipe ever and want to post it for your audience. It might not fare very well and they may start to wonder what's going on with your blog. You could write about a dinner party where you served up this dish and had to share the recipe, but your main purpose of the blog should probably be what you choose to wear for the evening. 


Now that you know what account types there are, decide and clearly define which you are. Start creating your content and post with your account type in mind. We recommend you post 80% business and 20% personal. I.e. About four business-related posts to one personal post. We recommend the same with business posts and sales posts. Serve more than you ask. When you are writing your copy, ask these questions before you post:

Are you sharing something you love? 
Are you teaching your followers something? 
Are you inspiring them to do something or take action? 
Are you giving them something without asking for anything in return? 
Are you resolving an issue or problem they could be experiencing?

If this has been helpful, let me know in the comments below. If you have any other suggestions that I must hear, share that too. I love getting feedback!