Top 3 Creative Spaces in Boise to Work In


When I started working from home, I thought it would be the greatest thing ever. 

I’d get coffee when I wanted. 
I’d eat lunch when I wanted. 
I’d take my lunch and watch Game of Thrones. 

Then, I got hit with a reality check like an outfielder slamming against the wall. 

Kids constantly coming into the office, wondering what I’m doing. Husband not realizing I was working to ask me to help with lunch, dinner, laundry or whatever he can’t seem to manage on his own. And the constant distraction from push notifications on my phone that for some reason, I can’t seem to ignore when I’m working at home. 

The nonstop bombardment left me in a creative slump and wondering if choosing to work at home was the best thing for me. 

I found a solution that satisfies my NEED to work from home and my desire to make my own hours, take that long lunch with a friend and recently, train a puppy. 

I was chatting with a fellow WAHM and online entrepreneur, Allie, about how cool it would be to once a week work with a group of like-minded women. It would help fill our void of the loneliness that working at home can create and give us some interaction with adult conversations. 

Also, creativity doesn’t come naturally to me. It has to be sparked and inspired visually and environmentally at times. So by setting myself in a different space with different interactions, my workflow can sometimes run more smoothly. 

I wanted to share my favorite local spots to changing up my scene and really, getting out of the house so I don’t go insane and start talking to my coffee. Which, by the way, has happened from time to time. 

Form and Function

When they opened their doors this past year, I was beyond excited. Their coffee house is a creative makers dream. Not only is it bright, the decor is modern and my social media photos turn out nice. Bonus: Their coffee is beyond amazing. Lavender latte has been my go to when I visit. They also hand make their cashew milk which feeds my dairy-free diet. 


Push and Pour

These guys started their coffee house with a love for skateboarding and coffee. They also source most of their ingredients and pastries locally. They not only have a community mindset, but their iced lattes are to die for. I love sitting down and working here because of the atmosphere and energy fuel the writer soul in me. 

Bloc & Co. 

This one is so close to my home that I often meet up with clients, friends and network as much as I can here. The avocado toast with egg is the bomb and you’ll want to savor this coffee slowly because it is so good. Plus you always have a friend with this guy on their mantle. 

Tell me where you’re at and what your favorite work spots in your city.