Get Followers On Instagram With 10 Minutes A Day


I recently gave a talk to a room full of Network Marketers on how to build their business online. I got some wide eyes when I got to the top of how I only spend 10 minutes a day engaging on Social Media.

A couple came up and asked me how I did it. I told them that honestly when I started using social media for my business, I spent an enormous amount of time on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to grow it. I didn’t know there was another way and I knew that bots would just kill my engagement. So I thought spending hours would get me where I wanted.

I couldn’t have been so wrong.

There was one myth I had to get over before I moved on. It was that I didn’t need 100,000 followers to get a loyal following of paid customers/clients. I wanted a loyal following of 1,000 that know, love, and trust me. And that’s all I needed. So I shifted from spending hours on social media and spend that extra time creating content that they would gorge over and repeatedly return to.

If content is king then social media is your queen.

You need to spend a little time on it each day to gain new engagers. I don’t want to use the words followers because followers don’t necessarily engage in your content. You want those who engage with you and in turn you engage with them. You’re making a genuine connection.

Don’t spend all your time creating content.

I know, I just told you content is king, but the content you’re creating should already be in your wheelhouse of expertise. I spend 1-2 days per month creating content, including finding or taking photos for my blog and social media.

Here’s the kicker, I don’t stop if I have everything for the month. I keep going if I still have time in the day. I don’t move onto other items, I had already blocked that day for content creation, so why not spend that time moving beyond. Sometimes I can get the first half of another month or even two months ahead. My goal is to work so far ahead, I am four months of content at one time. That way, if we need to take a month off, we can. Or if any emergencies come up, I still have items to push out while we take care of emergencies.

Gary Vee stated that you should only be spending 20% of your time creating content and 80% of the time marketing that content. Good content will keep rewarding you. So work on good solid social media content verses creating a ton of content just so you have something.


Have a plan. Map it out before you create anything.

I’m not 100% sure who said this first or who should be created but everytime I think if planning something I think of this quote, “A dream without a plan is just a wish.”

Dreams starts out as wishes but in order for you to evolve them into reality, you need a plan of action. But I’m not talking about days or weeks of planning when it comes to your social media. I’m talking about talking 1 hour each week, or if you have been working in months, 1 hour each month. To Plan out your social media so you know what you’re posting, when you’re posting and more importantly, why you’re posting.

Have you been on that hamster wheel where you know you should be posting but you’re just unsure. Yes!! I have been there and I’m sure I do this every now and then because I’m at the end of my social media plan and I had nothing to post.

Give yourself some grace.

We all miss a day, or even week. Trust me, all the Instagrammers out there have been in the lull. No matter how often they plan and how much content they create, you’ve just have nothing to say. AND that’s okay. 98% of people will probably not even notice your absence. The 2% who do notice, will be your BFF’s, mom and some loyal followers. There’s no need to apologize because then you’re telling them and yourself you’ve done something wrong. Well lady, I’m here to tell you, you’ve done nothing wrong! There’s no rule or law that says you have to post every single day or even every single week. So if you miss some here and there, don’t give it weight and work on what your plan is for the next 30 days.

My friend told me she’s always on Keto day one.

Because Keto is the hardest diet to stay on because of how strict it is. If your have to refresh and start over. That’s okay. If your week or month isn’t going as planned, take a deep breath, get your notebook, Google Doc, Milanote or whatever it is you use to plan your month and start over.

I hope these tips help you get focused on your Instagram goals and how you can easily grow your loyal tribe with just 10 minutes a day. I bet you can’t eat sushi slower than that.

If you have any tips on how you’ve grown your Instagram, feel free to drop them in the comments below. I love to hear what other rituals I can add to my strategies.

**Fair warning Trolls will be deleted because who wants someone bringing you down?