How To Plan Your Instagram With The Planoly App

My husband asked me if I was on Instagram all the time since I’m constantly posting and I have so many followers.

*Disclaimer, my husband isn’t on Instagram and he only got on Facebook to connect with his childhood buddies. He hasn’t posted on FB in over 2 years.)


I told him I spend 20 minutes on Instagram a day. Sometimes more if I have some downtime, but I’m not posting or creating new content every single day. His response, “Bullsh*t!”. But then I showed him how I managed to post every single day without having to spend time creating All.The.Time!

It’s the best app ever invented and I literally can’t live without it. Well, I can live without it but it would make my job harder.

Planoly helps me create posts, upload photos so I can see my grid and make sure each photo is visually appealing and auto posts for me so I don’t miss posting at optimal times.

I used to use an excel sheet and while that was nice, I found I was writing my captions out and then not using them because I didn’t have a photo to accompany them.

With Planoly, if I have written a great caption but need a photo, I can find a free stock photo directly from inside the app. And the best part is, I can use the desktop version to write everything out. I tend to type faster on a keyboard rather than my phone.

Click here to get Planoly. The link is an affilate link and I do get a small kickback if you sign up with this link. I want to thank you in advance for your amazing support.

Watch how I plan my Instagram using Planoly.