Life in the Blog Lane with Toni


Wait? Who is Sydney?

Sydney is my 4-year-old daughter. When I was pregnant with her, I made the leap to pick up my camera again and pursue my career as a photographer. I didn’t know where I was going nor did I understand what it meant to be a photographer. I knew I wanted to take photographs and tell stories. I wanted a girl so bad but I was afraid that I would have another boy so when it came time to name my business, I named it Sydney Studios. But my wish came true and I had a baby girl. Along with Sydney, her two older brothers and their father, we explore the pacific northwest, create our family’s dream life and inspire others along the way. 

Why photography?

I started photographing my kid's sports events to my friends family’s photos, to high school senior and then to weddings. I explored my niche and found that I can photograph more freely and creatively by taking photos of real-life experiences. My passion shifted to making photo tell a 1,000 stories with one click and to exploring the world around us. 

Why did I decide to blog?

When I started my business 5 years ago, I was told blogging is the new marketing. I didn’t believe it. I wasn’t ready to blog or write and honestly had no idea what to write about. The bigger question I had was how was blogging was supposed to bring people to my business. I thought it was just an online journal for bored people. I was absolutely wrong and when I watched other bloggers make it big, I decided that I need to get into blogging. While I dove into learning everything that works, testing things that didn't work and finding out what worked for me, I decided I needed to share everything I learned along the way. 

Why should you care?

Have you ever had an idea, shared it with a few people who all thought it was great, then did nothing? Two years later someone else is doing that exact idea you had and now you're kicking yourself in the ass. Yes, that was me. I struggled to find my niche, I struggled to write and I struggled to let go of my limiting belief that I didn't deserve to go after what I want most and be successful at it. I want to help you start your blog, monetize it and get what you want most. That can be more time with your family, more time to travel or just time to binge watch Stranger Things whenever you felt like doing. 

Pull up a chair and grab your favorite drink

One of the many reasons why I love the freedom to work where ever and whenever is to grab my favorite drink at 3 pm any day of the week. I’m here to show you a different perspective on places we’ve visited, inspire you to get out and explore our beautiful earth, and create whatever you want to do most in this world….and get paid while doing it. Let me be your coach, mentor or guide. If I need to bribe you a little more, I've pulled together my favorite blog resources that I created to get you started.