How to shift your mindset from employee to entrepreneur


This week, I want to chat about shifting from corporate jobs to solo entrepreneurs. Making the transition from being an employee to the boss - and solopreneur is hard and definitely requires a big mental shift. As much as I may not have liked our old jobs, I was comfortable in my roles and routines and was a struggle trying to bring some of that comfort back when I first shifted home. The biggest struggle for me came in developing time management and scheduling habits. I was not accountable to anyone else anymore and at times it was hard to tell myself to keep on deadlines when the latest episode of our current tv binge came out.


Tip #1
Work smarter not harder. Give yourself a set amount of time to finish a task, then set a timer on your phone. This does not give you permission to hit the snooze button. Complete your hardest task at the beginning of the day and even if you don’t finish your to-do list, you’ll feel less stressed since the hard stuff is already done.

Tip #2
Take breaks. And take them often. It always feels good to be in a groove while working, but make sure to give your mind and body a break. This especially applies when sitting in front of the computer - your eyes need breaks to stay healthy. Take a 5 min walk or stretch each hour. Grab a healthy snack or even chat with your family if they are in the house. Make sure you don’t go over 10 minutes on your breaks - you need to stay accountable to your schedule and deadlines.

Tip #3
Get up and shower every morning. Get ready as if you were going to your old job. The shower will wake you up and fixing your hair and makeup will help you feel fresh and ready to go. If you don’t want to wear makeup, at least put on a bra. Mentally, this will prepare your brain for the day.

So there you have it. Flipping your mindset from employee to killer boss lady can help you tackle your day and get your shit done in time for happy hour - or an hour by yourself before everyone is home for the evening.

If you have any suggestions I didn't mention here on things that helped you shift from your corporate job, let me know. I'd love to include your suggestions in future posts!

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