Recommit to your goals + FREE Download


When January 1st hit you commit to a set of resolutions to work towards during the year. Somewhere around March or April, they’ve faded in priority, soon to be lost until January 1st, 2019. So what can you do to keep your commitment to your resolutions strong? The first thing you can do is to consider what you want to accomplish and actually put it in writing. Then use this guide to help you get those resolutions done before the year has past. 

I like to keep my list on a cork board in my office to keep them all visible and active in my minds, then put them in a binder when I’ve accomplished them to reflect on at the end of the year.



1. Brain dump everything you want to achieve.
List everything out that you want to accomplish this year. Allow your stream of consciousness to take the reigns and just write - nothing is too big or too insignificant. Then lump your list into areas of your life; life goals, work goals and personal goals. Life goals are anything from spending more time with your family to keeping a consistent budget to traveling more this year. Work goals are your professional goals that can include building your customer base, being consistent in social media, to blogging more. Personal goals may range from clean eating, meditating every day, to losing weight. 

2. Prioritize your list.
Which goals are the most important to you? Which do you want to complete first? Rate each from 1-10. A rating of 1 means this is at the absolute top of the list and you will accomplish it - 10 will be available for you to tackle when you have time. (If you really want to get into it, rate them within each category, then compile that list and prioritize them as a whole.) Strikeout goals that are ridiculous or pie in the sky once you've checked in with yourself and your list. Not everyone can own an island or buy a Tesla - they're just not always in the cards... dammit. 

3. Apply specific deadline (date + time) to your high priority goals. 
I like to chunk things into the quarters of the year so I'm not overwhelmed with all my goals from day one. Q1 is January through March, Q2-April through June, Q3-July through September, and Q4-October through December. Again, I always come back at the end of each time period (quarter) to check in with ourselves and see where I’m at with my goals, and what may need to be pushed into the next quarter.  

4. Take your goals and break them down into individual action plans. 
By intentionally writing out and planning your strategy to achieve your goals, you'll more than likely accomplish them, and probably a hell of a lot more. Apply your action steps to achieve those goals and what you can do each week to integrate the actionable steps into your life. For instance; if you want to lose weight set days of the week you will go to the gym, MWF, and set a time that you will do it, i.e. 8:30 AM.  

5. Keep your list where you will see it every day. 
When you visually see your list on the daily, you're more likely to remember that there is a goal you are working towards. Not everyone has an accountability partner, so you need to train yourself to be accountable to you. Plug everything into your calendar, on your Trello board, and commit to it. 

Start and follow through with intention - intention to be better and the drive to make yourself proud. Comment below to let me in on your goals and how I can help you stay accountable and see it through! Go forth... and kick ass!