#wcw Series kick-off with the beautiful, Allie Smith


Welcome to my first #wcw weekly series. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be sharing the stories of some amazing women I’ve met in my local area and women I travel to meet or casually run into. 

Why did I start this series and what does it have to do with blogging? 
When I was in high school my dream was to become a foreign correspondent for CNN, or some other high profile news outlet. I wanted to be in the mist of interviewing people, getting to know them and their story and how small our world can be when knowing someone halfway around the world. 

While I never got to fulfill that dream, I wanted to start to get to know people in my own area. As big as the world was and as small our city was, I realized I still didn’t know my community as I wanted to. So I started a local magazine to have a reason to introduce myself and talk to people. Then when that didn’t pan out, I started joining local creative groups and network. 

I’ve met some amazing women on my journey and my goal for this weekly series is to get to know more women and travel to meet some amazing women I know online but have yet to meet IRL. My hope is two-fold; One, to fulfill my dream to become a journalist in my own little corner of the world and two, to inspire and be inspired by every woman I meet. 

Blogging is the best medium I have found to do this. There’s some talk in my own head about doing a video Youtube series, but...that is still a thought. 

This week’s #wcw feature: Allie Smith

I met Allie online and boy was this the best online setup ever. She's is fierce with Instagram and knows her stuff. She's also an expert copywriter which makes sense why her captions are so witty. I love her passion to get out there and go for what she wants. She started traveling to fill her heart with adventure and we could not help but stare in awe. She also used to be an athlete, model and she knows how to kill a great cup of coffee. 

What are your biggest struggles as a working woman? 
Time management is a struggle. With young children in grade school, I often feel like an unpaid Uber driver! :)

What are you biggest wins as a working woman? 
I look back at the community I’ve developed and I’m filled with gratitude for this huge win. A sense of community makes the long hours worth it!

How have your past experiences and jobs helped you do what you do today?  
I had a job where I was suddenly plunged into the world of online marketing and although I was overwhelmed at the time, it was an amazing education that helps me where I am now.

What’s your main support for your business? 
Coffee and a strong WIFI signal ;)

Who is your #1 mentor, either in real life or from a distance?
I actually get to work with my mentor every day. Regina Anaejionu (byRegina.com) continues to surprise me with her insight and how much she cares for her audience. Her work ethic is a constant reminder for me to up my game in every way.

What book would you recommend anyone wanting to start an online business read before they do anything else?
I’ve been a fan of Seth Godin for the past few years and I particularly like his message in “Tribes”. It’s an easy read and an inspiring introduction to the power of leadership.

If you had to get rid of all but one blogging tool, what would it be and why?
I would use only Google Docs. I share documents multiple times a day with my team and it’s the fastest and easiest way for us to communicate while creating a cohesive document with multiple writers working their word magic.

What is one podcast, book, blog or resource you can’t live without on a daily basis?
Honestly, I don’t turn to anything externally on a daily basis other than my laptop. I use a few podcasts for inspiration like “Pursuit with Purpose”, but when I’m on the hustle, I just focus without any distractions. As a mom with young kids, I have enough distractions 

What are you currently working on right now, in life or business? 
#AllTheThings I’m working on a book, a new brand and somehow trying to raise healthy happy kids at the same time...

Where can we follow you online? 
#AllThePlaces! www.CreativeGangsters.com Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest  | Facebook

Know a great woman that I just have to meet and just has to get featured in my #wcw? Feel free to drop me an email to info@lifewithsydneyandco.com with recommendations.  

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