What can you expect

A quality, high-end, naturally lit, professionally shot and styled image of your product or service. You’ll get an authentic, excited, engaging caption, and a genuine desire to share you with my audience!

average posts per day: 1
average posts per day: 1-2
average pins per day: 25


Price List

Social media endorsement reach readers quickly and is becoming the most popular way to advertise. With the numbers listed in this media kit, there are many followers to reach with this option. This rate includes endorsement of service/product on Facebook, Instagram (along with a story mention), Twitter, or Pinterest.
$250 per post

Sponsored giveaways are the best way to involve readers and gain interest in your product. A sponsored giveaway must be an addition to and combined with a social media endorsement.
$200 per giveaway

*All posts subject to approval and may be declined based on brand image or interest at the requested time.

Let's Team Up

All sponsorships and collaborations are on a first come, first serve basis. To get your product or service lined up for a collaboration, please email: and include:

  • the product or service

  • the website

  • what you envision for the sponsorship.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply. I’m so excited to team up with you and work together to make things happen!