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Photography sessions to boost your brand’s image, create clarity in your message, and showcase the art of the everyday.


Lifestyle Mini session

Lifestyle Mini Sessions happen once a month at the beautiful Coffee Paint Repeat in Meridian. Traveling Lifestyle Mini sessions are in the works and coming soon to a city near you, so be sure to scroll to the bottom and get on my newsletter list to get notified about where and when those are happening.


Lifestyle photos are designed to capture what you do every day. Although these can be posed and positioned to look great, it’s meant to convey a particular emotion you want your audience to feel. You want them to step in your every day and crave to be a part of it. When captured correctly, even the mundane becomes magical.

Lifestyle photos are for those who use social media, blog or website content and/or promotional material. My photography has been used by multiple six-figure entrepreneurs, Instagram influencers, authors, online marketers, chiropractors, chefs, and more.


My photos have been used for simple social media posts, FB and Instagram ads and even on printed promotional material.

Pricing Starts At $247 USD


Branding PHotography Session

Branding sessions are for those that need photo content for the whole month. They are designed to give you a “Full branding kit”.


Now that people have easier access to the website and billions of people are consistently searching for something, how you showcase your brand has been the #1 for anyone looking to be online.
While there are many steps that lead to your brand, photos are the first step to position your

product/service a step ahead of your competition.

Branding sessions are designed to give you a Full Branding Kit. Which includes a media kit template so you can effectively pitch your services, up to 31 photos and publicity guide.


Pricing Starts At $597 USD


Social media strategy session

Now that you have all your photos, the next step is to get a strategy to implement these with ease.


These strategy sessions are designed to give you a simplified plan so you can use your new photos online without the stress and headaches. In our 1.5 hours together, we’ll develop a month's worth of topics, promotion plan, and posting strategy.

This step is meant for the DIYer’s. This is for those who know what they want to post and promote but spin in circles when they go to put something up online. If you’re ready to move your social media and blogging efforts to the next level, I’d love to help you strategize, plan, and implement it.


Pricing Starts At $350 USD